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An Intense and Self-Destructive Love Story

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewIn Massive, Charlie Josephine delivers an intensely burning, dramatic, and raw love story that launches seconds after you click the play button and doesn't let up. The description said to experience with headphones (I do this anyway) and I'd certainly encourage any listeners to do so. There's a lot to take in and you don't want to miss a thing.

During the time I'd set aside to listen, I lay back with my eyes closed and earbuds in to take all of this in, and I could picture it. Sometimes as being played out on the stage of a theatre, other times as if I was right there in the room with them. Did you ever see a play where there are just the characters on a dark stage, and only they are lit as it's their part? That's how I imagined this... but that's a little digression.

The relationship between Emily and Jax kicks into high gear virtually from the moment Jax helps Emily cling to life after a traffic accident. Their love for each other is incandescent, burning not just twice as bright but more so. But of course, burning brighter ultimately means the candle will burn out quicker.

The self-destructive behaviours, the attempting to press on through and carry on as normal, the co-dependence and almost total reliance on each other for their emotional wellbeing. What came was a visceral trip through a mind as it slowly shattered into a million pieces.

Sophie Melville, the voice of Emily, was amazing. Seriously outstanding. I wanted to hear so much more, her voice was captivating and transporting. Sophie is one of those rare people who could narrate the phonebook and I'd listen to every word of it.

Erin Doherty who played the cockney Jax ran a very close second in my opinion, the intensity to which Erin delivered Jax's love and torment blended flawlessly with Melville's. Nima Taleghani as Tom delivered a solid if somewhat more muted, performance. Perhaps I was too busy rooting for Emily and Jax to make it by the time Tom appeared to like him as much, so I may be biased!

It shows the raw, messy, imperfect side of intense love, and I enjoyed every second of this.


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