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You're Going to Mars!

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You're Going to Mars!

An Excellent Science Fiction Adventure

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThis was one of those books that popped up in the also-listened section of Audible, and I am so very glad it did. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, following Paper trying to fulfil her lifelong quest of getting to the red planet. Only, there hasn't been any successful attempt to get off-world and land on Mars, even though there's been a few attempts. Plus, Paper lives in Fill City One (formerly Staten Island) - a walled-off island controlled by the mob who make it their business to ensure nobody leaves.

Well, of course we know Paper is going to get out. There's a spot open on the world's most ambitious reality TV show, "You're Going to Mars!" run by the world's first (only?) trillionaire, Zach Larson. He's made it his mission to get humanity interested in space exploration again, starting with Mars.

For most of the story, we follow Paper and the other game contestants as they try to secure the single civilian spot on the rocket. Having lived her whole life in what amounts to a garbage dump, Paper finds it difficult to trust some of her while hiding the fact she's from a Fill City from the entire world.

Most of the characters were well fleshed out, with the important ones getting backstories and their own personalities to make them feel authentic. Paper is super intelligent but doesn't suffer from a case of Mary Sue. She's getting into as much trouble and awkward situations as she does solving various complex mission conundrums.

Production of the audiobook and narration by Khristine Hvam were both excellent. A large cast of characters, yet none sounded repeated or got mixed up. Hvam definitely suited the main character, and I think she nailed the pacing and the heart of the characters.

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I felt myself longing to visit Mars along with the crew, even though I know I'd probably hate the entire trip getting there. I'm one of those people who dislike air travel of more than an hour. A well-written standalone book featuring a part-dystopian society yet uplifting and humourous at the same time. I'll be pressing play on this one again.

You're Going to Mars!

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