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Deep Work

Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

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Deep Work

A Persuasive Argument

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI wasn't expecting to be as engaged as I was with this audiobook. I tend to have a hard time reading "Business Management" style self-help books. Why? I guess when there are so many more entertaining options available, then it's hard to stay focused.

Right from the get-go, though, this book captured my attention. For too long, I've lamented the number of distractions in my life, and Cal really nails down great points as to why as well as presenting real-world solutions to how to solve.

I'd not heard of him prior to stumbling upon this book... I can't actually remember how it landed in my suggestions, but I'm glad it did.

Cal unapologetically challenges what are considered the norms of society today. The constant need for distractions, the inability to "suffer" boredom for even the smallest stretches without falling back on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever social media site you prefer.

He lays it all out bare and pokes holes in assumptions and truths you thought you knew. I'm now subscribed to his podcast and setting aside deliberate time to work through his blog posts. I think... no, I know I'll be taking on board many of his suggestions. In fact, I've already started on some.

The audiobook itself was well narrated, Jeff Bottoms has an easy to listen to voice for this kind of material. No issues at all, and would listen to something by him again.

All in all, worth a listen if you're serious about making changes in not only your working life but life in general. The gains to be had are there for the taking.

Deep Work

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