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Days that Changed the World

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Days that Changed the World

A Personal Trip Through Historic Moments

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewDays that Changed the World is an 11 part series of moments in recent history as told by people who were there. Each episode is around half an hour, and they're all different from each other, ie there's no underlying thread to hold them together apart from they were all important moments.

That's not a bad thing, it's just something I'm pointing out. I never was much of a student of history. I sucked at it when I was at school, so I did geography instead. I sucked at that too, but less than history. This series works as bite-size chunks to get even people like me looking back and thinking "what else should I find out about?"

As such, a lot of my wish list and "to read" lists are now peppered with historical non-fiction as much as they are filled with fiction.

Some of the episodes, I thought, could have been a lot longer, while others seemed to be pressed to fill the time. I'll admit too that some of the sound effects were irritating... the dialling through static radio channel noise to represent "computer stuff" for example.

But others enhanced the experience, so I'm in two minds. The stories were all interesting though and I learned about the key moments and am now eager to learn more.

Since it was a series of interviews interspersed with narration it's hard to mark this book as they all differed, but apart from the sound effects mentioned earlier, the quality was on par.

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Days that Changed the World

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