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The Art of Minimalism

Four Strategies to Simplify Your Life Just as Much as You Want

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The Art of Minimalism

A Good Introduction to the Concepts of Minimalism

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI've been going through a bit of a self-evaluation recently where I'm trying hard to declutter my life. Starting with my phone and reducing distractions and time-wasting apps there I've now moved on to how to declutter my life in general.

Well, my house and workspace anyway. This was a good introduction to some of what I assume are the cornerstones of good minimalism techniques. At just shy of two hours, the book packs in a lot of starter knowledge, I'll likely use as I explorer other areas to downsize the excess clutter in my life.

The narrator, Anna Doyle, sounded like she was rushing through it. The pace never really let up, and I feel that had she slowed just a fraction this would have made this a much more relaxing book to listen too.

This, along with the subtle background noises peppered throughout the narration resulted in a somewhat distracting result.

Is this the best book ever written on minimalism? Probably not, but it served as a useful introduction to the core concepts. Some of what was in it felt more like padding than background to explaining concepts, but overall I'm satisfied I got out of it what I wanted, plus further avenues to explore.

The Art of Minimalism

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