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The Martian Chronicles

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Review by: The Audiobook ReviewFor some reason, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury was one that always slipped me by. When the opportunity came up to grab it as part of a 2-for-1 deal a while back I jumped at it without even listening to the sample.

And boy, am I glad I finally got to experience this masterpiece! Bradbury paints such a unique picture of life on Mars for the new colonists and depicts their struggles and failures vividly well. Bradbury apparently published the originals short stories over many years yet still kept a common thread woven tightly throughout.

Each story unique in its own way, written sometimes decades apart yet all forming one fantastic work of art.

I'm often astounded when I read old sci-fi and just how original their ideas were, and how many (this book included) are still timeless today. Yes, there are lots of outdated technology references but that's always going to happen, but still plenty more space-age futuristic stuff dreamed up by the genius mind of Bradbury.

Narrated by Mark Boyett, his rendition was flawless. His tone, his gravitas, everything about his performance was quality. I'd listen to anything read by him any day of the week.

If you've not read this and you're a fan of thought-provoking sci-fi, then do yourself a favour and get The Martian Chronicles today.

The Martian Chronicles

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