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Monster Punk Horizon

A Buttload of Fun and Monsters!

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewMonster Punk Horizon, written by H.P. Holo and narrated by Tess Irondale is a buttload of fun packed into a rather short run time. You might question my use of the word buttload, but once you've checked out this humourous, crazy, monster-hunter fantasy book, you'll understand why. The monsters known as buttlords might just be my new favourite monster.

Set in a world where monsters, and other things, drop from a portal in the sky on a semi-regular basis, the story follows Pix and Jaz and the rest of their monster-hunting crew as they seek to sort out a rather deadly monster that is making a nuisance of itself.

The story was engaging, and the worldbuilding was decent if a little undercooked for the short tale. In this land, gems are the commodity of choice, being grown and harvested from monsters. Applying different gems in different ways allows you to, for instance, see in the dark or strength a sword. A great concept that makes the need to hunt the monsters make sense and, at the same time, makes it competitive.

Narration by Tess Irondale was top-notch. Easy to listen to and has a great sense of timing. I didn't make any notes on quality issues, and nothing stood out. A nice, clean read and recording. I'll be looking up Tess' catalogue to see what others might be on interest.

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Overall, a short but very funny story. Engaging, easy to listen to, and with some hilarious monsters to boot. I'll be picking up the further stories in the series soon!

Monster Punk Horizon

Monster Punk Horizon #1

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