3 Days to Save a Legend

As a child of the 1970s, Nick loved “Jailhouse Rock”. What if Elvis hadn’t died?

It’s 2010, he’s in his 40s, and Nick is throwing everything he has into developing his new app: an adventure game where the player can use time travel to try to change history, and he’s sure it will be a hit. As he loads in important dates in history, something unexpected happens. He’s gone back in time!

August 13, 1977. Memphis, Tennessee. Not far from Graceland, Nick tries to come to grips with the impossible. Maybe he has been working too hard and it’s a dream? Can it be real? It didn’t matter. Nick knew he had just three days to save the king. What’s his first move?

You’ll love this time-travel thriller, because Paul Farmer gives us the perfect mix of tension, humor, and twists to keep you listening.

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3 Days to Save a Legend



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